The Power of Friendship

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Literally after my rant, my phone lights up. It’s on silent but I see it’s my best friend.

“Hello!” I answered surprisingly.

“Hey, I went for a walk this morning and it was so gloomy.” she started.

“Anyway, are you home? Can I drop something off?” she said.

“Yeah I’m here.”

Doorbell rings. I grab my slippers before opening the door. She’s already in her car reversing back as she’s pointing for me to look down.

A bunch of flowers wrapped in white paper on my doorstep.

Instant gratitude fills my heart. I am so lucky to have this friend.

I know angel work when I see it. This synchronicity makes me feel lighter and a little bit more open for today.

Thank you for this opportunity as I write with less gloom, now with sunshine and the breezy fresh of new.

If you’re feeling inspired, I dare you to be curious about your power of friendship. What can you leave on someone’s doorstep today?

What are ways you can turn gloom into bloom? Dare to share and inspire!

How to Claim Your Song

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This morning my son’s grade one virtual class had a dance party for their first body break. It lasted for half an hour.

It was the best morning we’ve ever had! (for virtual school).

I was so curious by the DJ. Who was producing this fantastic morning mix?!

Someone who understands the love of rhythm and beats from the 90’s era.

Let me get off my seat and check it out.

Great mix of hip-hop, reggae, reggaeton, soca, pop!

YES, definitely feeling the vibe!

Dance party with Saidat and K.Z. On a mission to set the tone right!

Every school board needs this special duo. Full of life and inspiration.

I’ve never served juice while spinning and sliding side to side!

My son’s favourite song came on. He bulged out his eyes, but he didn’t budge.

I turned to him and shrieked, “What!?! This is your song!!!”

He still didn’t budge.

“It’s OK, it’s a dance party, it’s your body break. Get up and move! Show that this is your song! Sing it! Claim it!”

Too late soca’s on. Put up your hands. Jump up. All around.

We grabbed hands and danced in the middle of the kitchen like no one was watching. Hands up in the air, leg work springing into action!

We were sweating. We danced for half an hour. We claimed it!

Mood: Aligned and Well. We’re Happy bursting with Great Energy!

I forgot how music soothes the soul, moves the soul, fills the soul, saves the soul.

Put on some of your favourites and let the tone set your mood and day.

It’s a powerful thing to have “music, movement, and motivation”.

This is happening every Friday morning, right?

How To Love Asian Eyes

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Don’t let ANYONE ever make you feel ashamed of your beautiful eyes.

Embrace your Asian eyes – as slanted, chinky, slit-like, almond-shaped, exotic, beautiful – as they are. Especially when you smile.

Story of my life. If we had the internet growing up, I probably would have googled ‘How to round slanted eyes’.

Yes, it was because of ugly remarks from the ignorant white kid at school who called me a ‘chink’ and didn’t let me off the monkey bars. The boy in class who thought he ruled.

That’s when I became so conscious about my eyes. And that it may not be appealing to others. The day I didn’t want the world to look at me.

The day I didn’t want to be seen.

I’ve experienced racism at a young age until now. It didn’t stop at that boy. What about the group of teenage boys in University, yelling from across the street, asking if my clothes were clean from the laundromat – to go back where I came from – ‘chink’.

All the different layers of how it impacts my life – as a child, as a student, as a professional, as a mom, as a wife, as a person.

Too many stories to count. Too much anger to rant.

Honestly, I haven’t quite fought against it either because we were taught to use our Canadian birthright and education to fit in – like it’s supposed to save us from ignorance.

Every minority in the world experiences racism. There are even minorities within minorities. The cycle is vicious.

Why Does it Matter Now?

This moment serves as my right, as someone who has experienced being called a ‘chink’, to expose those for the wrong energy they breed.

Inspired by the #StopAsianHate on social media, in solidarity with Black Lives Matter, I’m speaking out now to break the patterns.

I’ve been a target of discrimination because of my eyes. I’m Filipina Canadian with very slanted eyes and very fair skin. I can pass for every Asian because I look Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, or Tibetan, so I’m told.

I’m the nicest person in the world but if you want to call at me with your racist slurs then bring it!

My slanted eyes will cut you so deep you’ll understand the mysteriousness hiding behind them.

It doesn’t matter what background you are, you shouldn’t be discriminated against!

It matters because my children’s views of an innocent world are being tainted with the dark layers of the world with events in the news, in schools, within our city, and abroad.

They never knew what the word ‘racist’ meant until a year ago, even in our bi-racial family.

My son asked me if ‘racist’ was a bad word when he heard a video gamer say it online. I responded that it wasn’t a swear word but as soon as it came out of my mouth, I quickly changed it.

Yes, it is a bad word for a bad person. He had never heard of the word, so I explained to him.

It’s when a person doesn’t like someone because of the colour of their skin and their cultural background. He didn’t understand.

I began to role-play: “I don’t like you because you’re Filipino or Jamaican”.

He gave me this flabbergasted look as he scrunched his face in disbelief.

I just tainted his view of the world.

It matters for them. And how they have to learn to armour themselves with thick skin to deal with bullying, racism, and discrimination – which I thought was not so prevalent for their generation. How NAIVE of me!

I Am Not COVID-19

Last year when the virus was getting out of hand in China, the impact was in the news. I didn’t even consider how it would impact me from across the world.

I was in the local bookstore where I was browsing for a long time. Back and forth with a lot of items in my arms, sweating buckets in a winter jacket, standing by the art section.

The sales lady glanced at me a few times. I didn’t think anything of it.

I usually don’t like when salespeople bombard so it was fine that she didn’t offer any kind of help…but no greeting…no smile?

Until an older man walked up the steps towards us, not even two feet, and the lady immediately smiled, approached the man, and said, “Is there anything I can help you with today?”

Guess what hall pass he had?

My blood boiled until my eyes sank right into the depths of my soul. I took all of my things and headed towards the front cash at the other end of the store. When I passed her, she asked, “Find everything you were looking for?”

F@(King Biyatch…. “Yup”. I forced myself to mutter as I stormed off.

I should have told her SOMETHING. I should have done SOMETHING!

The same baggage followed me a few weeks later when we travelled to Cuba for a wedding. I was targeted at the Cuban airport by the staff and at the resort by some French-Canadian tourists.

My 10 year-old daughter witnessed this behaviour and instinctively knew what was going on. Tainted.

It was all in their eyes and their ignorant behaviour acting like I was Covid – all week long. Meanwhile, my husband who’s usually the target for being black, was fitting right in with the Cubans, oblivious to what was happening to me. Rightfully celebrating not having to worry about the colour of his skin while on vacation.

I am not a virus. Hate is the virus.

It’s the 21st Century

I shouldn’t have to be in this position in this century. I shouldn’t have to taint my children’s vision of an innocent world where I have to explain why I’m targeted at the bookstore, airport, or on vacation because of how I look.

I shouldn’t have to explain that there are some people out there who hate on people’s ethnicity.

I shouldn’t have to keep upping my family’s pride for being Filipino-Jamaican-Canadian just because other people decide to degrade out of hate.

We are proud of who we are with our ethnicity, our families, our children. We have culture. We have stories. Nothing to hate here.

It’s time to eliminate the hate. It’s harmful, it’s toxic, it’s FUCKING ridiculous.






What now?

Keep your hate to yourself. Don’t let it spill over to someone who has nothing to do with you. Fix that shit or Karma will come for you.

It’s time to Let Love Rule, like you hear in the songs. Listen to songs, listen to people, read books even if you don’t quite understand them. Let it move you. Shift your focus on worthwhile things (Thought Catalogue).

Learn to understand someone other than yourself. It’s in everyone, even if you have to dig deep to find it. This is where the power is. Change is for the better.

I believe it’s in there. There’s nothing to be afraid of… unless you cross a mother.

Make the wise choice.

Re-Discover: Volume 1

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I wrote this to myself after I jumped ship, shortly after 9/11, from a corporate software company where I wrote software manuals. I found another position to maintain graphical user interfaces and write engineering processes.

No, this wasn’t doing it for me either.

It was the third page of my new journal that I committed to writing to figure out answers for my next steps to finding a balanced work life – meaning a work life where I was not always so bitter!

I didn’t want to have that constant cringing feeling every day going in to work. I only lived for the weekends. Was there something more out there?

I recently gave it a title in the summer of 2020, when I re-searched myself to start cataloguing content. After a deep conversation last night, this one’s for you:


I feel good when I accomplish

No stress, no frustration

That’s where I’m my best

When I’m equally balanced

And things are handled

Not left to be abandoned

Deal with things as they come

Work until the deal is done

Clear the aura without the huff and puff

You gotta take the shit when it gets rough

But when it’s over, it’s smooth sailing from there

There’s a clear sense of aura in the air

There’s a way to accomplish peace in your life

Try not to be bitter and do what’s right

Only you can justify your actions

Don’t blame the world

For ignorant reactions

It all starts with you

And how strong you are

If you believe in yourself

You will get far

Reach for the top

See how far you can soar

See what you can accomplish

Then you’ll be bitter no more.

Bursting My Bubbles

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Just went through a whirlwind of emotions. It all came fast and hard, barely giving me time to process……

Sunday – Worked all day on a story that I’ve been wanting to write for a long time. Wrote, edited, edited, edited, edited, edited – cooked nuggets – fed kids – one load of laundry (max. for today because I’m writing) – graphics – one last look……

Sunday Night – Done, it’s good, I like it! Publish….done! Now connect with social media – create – copy – paste – post……

………………to the wrong friggin’ account !!!!! It was supposed to go only to my writer’s network!!! For FK sake!

First Burst!

Can’t turn back now. It’s done.

– Eeebie Jeebies –

Get out of comfort zone even if it feels gross.

Monday – Feel sick but determined to keep going despite the grossness in my stomach, like it’s floating and doesn’t know where to land.

Connect with my cousin who instantly makes me feel at ease. Warming up with fuzzy wuzzies. I love my family. Women uplifting women! And all the hilarious stories we have! Writing prompts out the wazoo. Stay tuned, more to come!

Monday Afternoon – Work stuff follow-up. Families need in-person service because virtual care is not feasible at this time.

Let me process…………………………………………………………….

OK, I’m in. Back to work out in the community in someone else’s bubble in their home.

Am I ready?

Flashback: Sitting in my car, parked in a parking lot across my work. It was the morning of September 11, 2001. I heard the breaking news on the radio and had to stop in disbelief. The day that triggered my first paradigm shift when I asked myself, “If the world were to deconstruct, how would I contribute to help rebuild?”

The beginning of a journey to search for a vocation that wasn’t just do-able but really satisfying at the end of the day. The time when I quit my job as a Technical Writer to pursue a more fulfilling career learning about people – children in particular – and their brain development in regard to speech and language, so that I could write for them.

Second Burst!

Mission statement reinstated. Even if I’m a germaphobe and super paranoid about this virus, families still need support, especially in a pandemic. To go on a mission means that I have to burst my quarantine bubble – the safest place in this new world.

I have to shift my mentality to get prepped to go out in the community. Serving those who need speech-language therapy, specifically those who need devices to communicate.

There are children and youth out there who need a means to communicate so that their families can know what they’re thinking, beyond their interpreted body language, actions, sounds, and words. My mission statement has been the same, in between child-rearing and life, over the years.

Scared as hell but committed to doing my part. After processing and feeling the waves of emotions. Feeling hot and sick, to calm and at ease, from scared and resistant, to realizing and moving forward. This is what I signed up for when I sat in my car wondering, “What’s next?”

Third Burst!

Paradise delivered in the mail. A surprise box of goodies from my sister-in-law to show appreciation for being a great mom and online teacher of the year, with a message so sweet, it melts my heart and moisturizes my eyes! Divine timing not even in disguise! But what did I do to even deserve this?!?


YES!!!!!! I gladly accept to eat the dark chocolate while soaking in the tub, smelling like lavender while reading Drew Barrymore’s book, with a jasmine candle burning in the background, beside the rest of the goodies I see waiting for me to beautify.

Exactly what I need to calm my crashing waves to prepare me for this next shift about to occur. Energized with gratitude and fuel to move on.

Give Me Paradise.

Hey Girl, Did You Know…?

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You offer Inspiration, even if you didn’t know it.

Your energy has uplifted me in some way.

Strong, Resilient, Beautiful, Confident, Creative

As you Are.

You go Girl.

Keep doing You.

It helps me be Me.


Alicia Keys

Everywhere I’m turning
Nothing seems complete
I stand up and I’m searching
For the better part of me
I hang my head from sorrow
State of humanity
I wear it on my shoulders
Gotta find the strength in me

Cause I am a Superwoman
Yes I am
Yes she is
Even when I’m a mess
I still put on a vest
With an S on my chest
Oh yes
I’m a Superwoman

For all the mothers fighting
For better days to come
And all my women, all my women sitting here trying
To come home before the sun
And all my sisters
Coming together
Say yes I will
Yes I can

‘Cause I am a Superwoman
Yes I am
Yes she is
Even when I’m a mess
I still put on a vest
With an S on my chest
Oh yes
I’m a Superwoman

When I’m breaking down
And I can’t be found
And I start to get weak
Cause no one knows
Me underneath these clothes
But I can…

Turn Self-Talk into Self-Magic

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What I share with you are notes to myself.

Messages of mantras and affirmations to filter out the negations and pressures from the inside and outside of yourself.

Balance that shit out.

And continue to create, create, create.

It started with a little black book, and then another. Progressed to different sizes and styles.

Inside with messages with so many themes in so many different layers:

  • Paradigm shifts within myself and the ripple effect.
  • Following dreams and passions –
    • If you want to do something, think of it, and do it.
    • Vocation and career goals
  • Following intuition
    • Intuitive empath
    • Claircognizant (clear-knowing) and clairsentient (clear-feeling)
    • Angel numbers
  • Family life
    • Marriage
    • 3 kids (elementary school-aged)
  • Creative flow –
    • Morning writing ritual
      • Coffee with flavoured cream
      • Mantras and affirmations
      • Breathing (when I remember – work in progress)
      • Daily dump as in writing dump
        • Dump onto paper or keyboard
        • Raw concepts that keep brewing
        • Filter to edit and share
      • Interpret my dreams
      • 7-minute writing prompt
      • 20-minute writing prompt
      • Post if satisfied
    • Feel and write, write and feel
      • Daily reflection
      • Revelations
      • Affirmations
      • Prose
  • Knowledge
    • Speech and Language Communication
    • Books and culture
  • Self Development
    • Self-Talk
    • Self-Empowerment
    • Steps to transform and grow
  • Manifest – Think it
  • Create – Do it
  • Flow – Be it


Use your self-talk to stride one step at a time.

It’s a powerful phenomenon when you decide to tap in.

Open a page in your book and make your creation!


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Pink Shirt Day

Today is Pink Shirt Day across the globe to celebrate the notion of anti-bullying in schools. In the background of our kids’ virtual learning, I was immersed in the discussions about the different ways kids can show kindness to their classmates. Fuzzy wuzzy feelings.

How inspiring that all these classrooms in all these schools in all these cities in all these countries involved in this movement of being kind to each other.

It’s revolutionary!

I wish we had this awareness growing up, maybe it could have set some people straight. Yes, kids get bullied all the time. Yes, we need awareness of when it’s happening, and yes, we need to change the narrative. Then I searched to see what other shirt days we can look forward to support.

Orange Shirt Day

September 30, Orange Shirt Day is to honour Indigenous people who were victims of the Canadian Indian Residential School Systems that were meant to strip the youth of their culture to assimilate into Euro-Canadian society run by the Catholic churches.

From the 18th to 19th century, where Indigenous children were sent by government to be stripped of who they were to be more ‘Canadian’. This day is set to remember the mistakes that Canada had made towards these families and their children and to start increasing awareness of this disgusting racial discrimination.

Black Shirt Day

Non-existent except for in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, where the Anti-Racism Coalition (ARC) of Vancouver launched the proposal of Black Shirt Day in BC for January 15th, Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday.

Despite the day not being officially declared due to deadline issues, Black Shirt Day was celebrated by students in BC, sporting their shirts so geniously designed with it’s multi-coloured raised fist logo. This day needs to be declared as a time to stand in solidarity for the dream of life without prejudice – especially in schools where young minds are absorbing – priming for real world.

This day could be one of the steps to help dissipate some anger, to start a new narrative, to shift mindsets within generations that no race is better than the other – we are all PEOPLE. The work had been started generations ago but honestly feels so uneventful in a society that’s supposed to be civilly advanced. I want a world where my kids won’t ever have to explain what the word ‘racist’ means to their children unless it’s about history.

Ministry of Education

School boards have proven that they can support students who initiate good will and have shown how one little act can change the world. Use this momentum to change the many disappointing things we have witnessed. Let’s act now! One simple click. One simple way to put forth the right energy where it needs to be! Make this happen so we can see you next year wearing your Black Shirts on January 15th 2022!

Black Shirt Day, January 15, British Columbia, Canada.

Black Shirt Day, January 15, Ontario, Canada.

Creative Flow

Let the process flow

Even when so resistant

Action is the physical shift

To get the process flowing

No matter how excruciating something feels.

Feel it.

To get out of resistance,

Knowing the action is clearing the way.

The way to less worried, less painful.

Less weight on my neck and shoulders.

More weight on my heart and soul,

Where things flow endlessly.

I affirmed to the moon – as bright and full,

Intentions so pure and believable!

Accepting the magic and signs that come,

Opening the realm of creativeness

Within the consciousness…

LET IT OUT!              LET IT OUT!            BE FREE AND FEARLESS!