Death on Friday

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Good Friday is a day to reflect upon ourselves and to go deeper into our inner world so that we can understand our outer world.

The world is immersed in the thick of it.

It’s a time to be aware and thankful for what we have because on this day Jesus suffered taking beats and slashes, then died a gruesome death nailed to a cross. It sounds and looks gruesome.

We’re reminded of this story every year on this day that this sacrifice was made for us to have a better world.

Imagine someone taking brutality to the point of a gruesome death. And then coming back to life forgiving everyone.

A huge sacrifice for people to understand what unconditional love is all about.

During virtual school, my youngest kid is learning about this and doesn’t get it.

It’s a lot to explain to a 6 year-old.

But there’s a lesson even if it’s a simple one.

If we learn to sacrifice a bit of ourselves for the purpose of another’s well-being, then we’ve done good on Earth.

If we continue to show the generations this same lesson, then we’re producing a ripple effect of good vibes for this world to continue to grow and develop, as opposed to crash and burn.

It could also be a lesson within ourselves of how much we can endure our experiences. Understanding that where there is dark, there will always be light.

And to trust that even if our experience is not so favoured, there will be a better one to come. And to trust in that.

Detach from anything old – anything!

Detaching is a form of releasing and letting go. It’s a process that helps the natural flow of being when we cut off from old energy. Here are simple tangible ways to detach from small things so you can have confidence to tackle the bigger (more abstract) things.

  • cut your nails
    • cut your dead skin off
    • do both hands and feet
  • trim your hair
    • from your head
    • from your body
  • groom your face
    • tweeze, wax, shave – whatever you do
  • clean out your underwear drawer
    • then your sock drawer
    • then drawers next to it
    • then the rest of the dresser
    • then the closet
  • take a shower – better yet take a bath!
    • from head to toe
    • breathe and float
    • then a quick cold shower- if you will
  • light a candle
    • intend or better yet speak out on what you don’t want lingering on your mind, body, soul
    • communicate gratitude for the truest results
    • blow it out and intend it’s done
  • mentally and visually cut cords and lines from anything draining your energy
    • karate chop it off!
    • create your protective light laser bubble around yourself
  • write out anything considered as conscious crumbs
    • rip it, throw it out, or burn it
    • verbally vomit to someone

Clear anything else that you feel you need to get rid of and let out. Start with the small steps to get to the bigger steps.

When you detach from anything holding you back, you can have access to the flow of freedom – which is abundant. It can be accessed by believing in it hard.

Do something that will symbolize the end of something, so you can get ready for renewal – feeling revived. Look forward to feeling refreshed – new again.

Reborn on Sunday. To life resurfacing to a new season out of hibernation. Feeling new with a vision for new things.

A good feeling – an excited feeling. Transformation in process.

This stage only comes after death of something on Friday.

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