The Power of Friendship

Photo by Anna Shvets on

Literally after my rant, my phone lights up. It’s on silent but I see it’s my best friend.

“Hello!” I answered surprisingly.

“Hey, I went for a walk this morning and it was so gloomy.” she started.

“Anyway, are you home? Can I drop something off?” she said.

“Yeah I’m here.”

Doorbell rings. I grab my slippers before opening the door. She’s already in her car reversing back as she’s pointing for me to look down.

A bunch of flowers wrapped in white paper on my doorstep.

Instant gratitude fills my heart. I am so lucky to have this friend.

I know angel work when I see it. This synchronicity makes me feel lighter and a little bit more open for today.

Thank you for this opportunity as I write with less gloom, now with sunshine and the breezy fresh of new.

If you’re feeling inspired, I dare you to be curious about your power of friendship. What can you leave on someone’s doorstep today?

What are ways you can turn gloom into bloom? Dare to share and inspire!

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