How to Claim Your Song

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This morning my son’s grade one virtual class had a dance party for their first body break. It lasted for half an hour.

It was the best morning we’ve ever had! (for virtual school).

I was so curious by the DJ. Who was producing this fantastic morning mix?!

Someone who understands the love of rhythm and beats from the 90’s era.

Let me get off my seat and check it out.

Great mix of hip-hop, reggae, reggaeton, soca, pop!

YES, definitely feeling the vibe!

Dance party with Saidat and K.Z. On a mission to set the tone right!

Every school board needs this special duo. Full of life and inspiration.

I’ve never served juice while spinning and sliding side to side!

My son’s favourite song came on. He bulged out his eyes, but he didn’t budge.

I turned to him and shrieked, “What!?! This is your song!!!”

He still didn’t budge.

“It’s OK, it’s a dance party, it’s your body break. Get up and move! Show that this is your song! Sing it! Claim it!”

Too late soca’s on. Put up your hands. Jump up. All around.

We grabbed hands and danced in the middle of the kitchen like no one was watching. Hands up in the air, leg work springing into action!

We were sweating. We danced for half an hour. We claimed it!

Mood: Aligned and Well. We’re Happy bursting with Great Energy!

I forgot how music soothes the soul, moves the soul, fills the soul, saves the soul.

Put on some of your favourites and let the tone set your mood and day.

It’s a powerful thing to have “music, movement, and motivation”.

This is happening every Friday morning, right?

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