The Day I Blanked On Wesley Snipes

It was the 1990’s, I was in high-school, sporting a perm of long ring-locks and coffee bean shade lipstick. Smelling like mango perfume oil from the Body Shop.

We had pink rose carpet throughout the house, including my room, which was the first room coming up the stairs. I had the faux-wood grain closet with 3 sliding doors, big enough to spread some teenie bopper posters of Johnny Depp and Rick Astley, pulled straight out of the magazine.

My wall beside the closet had the big movie posters that I had got from my cousin who worked at a video store. She gave me all the good ones but I remember only putting up mostly the ones of Wesley Snipes from his movies: New Jack City (1991), Passenger 57 (1992), Sugar Hill (1993), and Boiling Point (1993).

It was always the first thing I saw when I went into my room.

New Jack City and Sugar Hill were in the string of line-ups of movies in the early 90’s that were featuring all-star black casts (after House Party 1990); such as Boyz In the Hood (1991), Juice (1992), Menace II Society (1993), and Above the Rim (1994). A promising new era documented on my wall.

It was Wesley Snipes face on my wall, looking at me when I entered my room. The Boiling Point poster was on the left, Passenger 57 placed in the middle, slightly lower than the others, New Jack City on the right, Sugar Hill on the far right, all hung with clear tape across each corner.

One weekend, I had a chance to go to a club in downtown Toronto. The only times I was really allowed to go to clubs was with my older cousins. We got dressed up, hair fresh with gel, and coffee bean lipstick. To be fun and young.

“Is that Wesley Snipes?” One of the cousins asked.

“Just standing there out in the open?” We wondered.

“Let’s go talk to him” The other one pulled us along.

It IS Wesley Snipes. Just hanging out like a regular clubber. It seemed no one noticed him. There was so much space around him when we went over to say hello.

I don’t even remember how any greetings went.

WESLEY SNIPES was right in front of my face!

I HAVE YOUR POSTERS ALL OVER MY WALL!” I screamed all star-struck and frozen.

He asked interested, “Oh yeah, which ones?”

I went blank. I could see each poster, laid out on my wall, the way I saw it every day waking up and every night going to bed. Come on, think! My brain had no message or output coming from my mouth. Blank.

He was waiting for some kind of response while the music of the club filled in my silence.

“I dunno………..but you’re on my wall!” I stupidly responded with an embarrassed smile.

“So, how long are you in town for?” My cousin quickly swooped up the conversation just as his body guards motioned for him to move along.

I’m a jack-ass. Ruining the only moment to actually talk to the guy who’s face took up my bedroom wall. The one who’s a big celebrity in his prime! Who was right in front of me! Live in person, in the flesh, wanting to know more about his posters!

POINT BLANK!” I screamed before he disappeared into the crowd. As I remembered the poster where he’s pointing his big shiny gun.

Fast forward to 2021, the month of March on a weeknight. Decided to wind down with Coming 2 America, just released.

Surprise, surprise. Hey Wesley Snipes! Loved your character, hairstyles, costume attire in this sequel because it reminded me of your rhythmical comical character in To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything! Julie Mar.

Outside of the box, I like that!

These would actually be some good posters. I wonder where I could get my hands on some for old times sake?

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