Flip Off Your Inner Critic

Photo by Lad Fury on Pexels.com

Gesture off your ego

  • Stop giving energy to your inner critic.
  • Peel off that layer of pressuring ego.
  • Don’t drag yourself down.
  • Know that your ego will always co-exist.
  • The key is to know when to shut it off.
  • Flip off.

Give yourself permission to succeed.

  • A lot of self-talk.
  • A lot of mantras.
  • A lot of confidence.
  • A lot of breathing.
  • A lot of believing.

Pull yourself up

  • Breathe intentionally, deep and all the way through.
  • In for inspiration.
  • Out for expiration.
  • Congratulate yourself for telling yourself off!
  • Keep practicing these steps whenever inner critic shows up.
  • Your best self will show up for the next step.
  • Find your tribe who will do the same.

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