Writing Paragraphs

Writing a paragraph is an important skill for young learners to express a series of thoughts or ideas. We build upon this foundation to help organize our thoughts when we share written information. The following is the basic structure on how to build a basic paragraph with ideas on how to connect ideas with your five senses.

When tutoring young learners, I teach this formula as a foundation for ideas to be simplified, as well as for skills to be progressed. Use this outline as a way to help organize thoughts for re-tell and story-telling.

What is the Title or Topic?

1. Brainstorm (10 mins)

  • Point or Number Form




  • or Spiderweb Circles

2. Rough Draft (10 mins)

Include at least 5 points like:

What?Who?What Else??
Where?How?It reminds me of…
When?Why?I wonder how…

Include your 6 senses:


3. Good Draft (15 mins)

Clean up your work. Each thought should end with a period. Use the checklist:

CommasQuestion Marks

Example:                              Title

  1. Introduction: What is it about?
  2. First… Description:
  3. Next… Description:    
  4. Then… Description:
  5. Last, it reminds me of…
  6. I wonder how … why ….?

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