Restless Again

What happened?

I took a break from writing on my mommy blog because I didn’t like the feeling once I shared it to a network of people – specifically people I knew. It was the total opposite of what I was expecting. It was uncomfortable, therefore I stayed introverted in the writing world, like a hermit watching its surroundings while crawled in a hole to stay safe.

But the need to write never left me. I wrote behind the scenes where I felt safe and let it flow with daily prompted challenges. Then I took a break again to focus on my private speech-language clients for work as the flow was coming in.

So now I’m restless again. I need to let it out and let the writing flow but get stuck with the same questions and self-doubt – what should I write about? What should I share that people will want to read? What’s relevant that someone would want to read about it? But yet in my daily routine, my mind is constantly spinning about ideas that just come into play – then I say in the back of my mind that, “I should write about this.”

Then there it goes into my journal or notebook of some kind. Where the idea transfers onto paper, then I feel good and aligned that I got it out of my system. Most times things fruition from the questions that I write or the list that I want to accomplish. Other times ideas just sit there. Sitting on the paper, sitting in my journal, sitting on my mind…sitting on my shoulders.

What now?

Then I get restless again knowing that I was born to love written language. Born to share what I’ve learned in the field, in my personal experiences, and in my spiritual journey that all make an impact in my day to day life.

I should feel lucky to have this experience. To be able to freely share information on a platform that is readily accessible to these generations. Better yet, I should move forward with actions to use this platform as a means to connect with people. This was my intent when I thought I finally thought of a purposeful way to share my writing – to interact – to get back and forth about subjects that are relevant in my life from lessons learned. My work is a huge part of me because I journeyed a while ago to figure out a purposeful career – a vocation that truly suited me. I enjoy being a Communicative Disorders Assistant by trade, a.k.a Speech Language Assistant. I love everything and anything speech-language and communication related. There’s always some kind of formula spiraling around in my head.

Restless again that I have so much to share but keep it all inside except when I work, I usually share anything that I’m intuitive about in the moment unless the moment is not quite right. I’m good at interpreting kids and their communication style and then sharing the steps with their parents on how to continue the back and forth with both their styles with the target they are learning.

Speech-Language Communication Handouts

I write a lot of handouts for information that I say repeatedly. The handouts are made to be simple and do-able for child-parent interaction and communication.

I use a Total Communication Approach where all modes of communication (gesture, signs, visual, verbal) are accepted although our role is to provide models of the next steps of what their child is capable of learning but providing enough opportunities to teach by modelling within an interaction.

Interaction is key! Developing a back and forth is key to taking a moment to connect with your child and have a back and forth with whatever concept you want to share in the moment.  Customizing, adapting, and patience is also part of the formula because everyone is different. Everyone has different interests and skills. It’s our role to accept the level where the child and parent may be and provide the teaching of the next step in models, without pressure, to perform but to connect and interact. That is key! This is where the learning happens!

Up Close and Personal

This is where I feel restless again because the information that is readily in my head can and should be shared to those that may need it. This is where I can start again. Yes, I’m a mom with experiences with 3 young kids – who should have a medal for being number #1 negotiator – but a Dr Jekyll Mommy Hide kind of mom, where work mom and home mom are polar opposites. One with clinical knowledge about speech and language that can help families learn about communication with children with special needs like autism, developmental delays, down syndrome, cerebral palsy, cortical vision, and global developmental delays. And the other who has zero patience left for her wolfpack!

This is who I am. This is what I’m about. This is what I have to share as a priority on my list of writing to-do’s. I feel families appreciate when I come into their homes to adapt and customize communication with what works for them. I feel they appreciate and learn from what I have to teach and share. A lot of the times, my personal and overall interests become a part of the experience by sharing what I’ve learned and have accepted from my journeys.

Spiritual Development

It’s about being humanitarian in this world. Bottom line. Humanitarian means being compassionate about our human race. All in all, we’re all the same, just trying to make it in this big world. We all need to know that we’re not alone in any journey that we face. It takes a connection to make an impact on a person’s life – a connection to something – a connection to someone. We learn from each other and it’s a constant learning and experiencing each other that can shape our lives.

If I’m feeling restless again, then this is where I start. This is where I can take action to share what’s been brewing in my head forever and a day. This is where I hope we can connect and have a back and forth with whatever brews within. This is where the abstract concepts in my head can have a place to transpire and lead the way to my personal freedom, where I believe in myself and my abilities, where I live the life I want because it’s time to be true and live life according to my desires, beliefs, and choices. I am a writer by nature. This is who I am. I want to feel restless no more.

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